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The Rally Autos Antiguos is one of the biggest automotive events in the Costa Rican car scene. Taking place once a year and now being post poned for over 2 due to Covid, the rally is one of the most enjoyable events there is. Meeting up at Avenida Escazu over 100 cars took part of this family friendly event. Meeting up by 7am sharp to avoid a penalty the likes of Porsches, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Jeeps and more classic cars took part. One of the stars of the event was a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Competizione. Departing at 8am the cars made their way through a series of stages on which the participants had to pass by a control point at a specific time down to the second and whoever was the most precise with the timing won the rally. The rally made its way to [...]

The Miami 2022 Concours took place this last weekend for the 5th consecutive year. An event that has been growing year with year and it’s easy to see why, beautiful weather, amazing cars and some great personalities from the Miami car scene. The concours included the top pieces of automotive history including cars like a Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari F50, Mercedes Benz CLK DTM, Nigel Mansell’s Ferrari F40 over 10 Pagani’s, an Apollo IE and much more. It is a place where automotive evolution can truly be appreciated. This is one of the few opportunities there are where you can appreciate a Mercedes 300SL next to a Mercedes AMG GT Black Series… Talk about the supercar evolution. The biggest participant of this year was the founder John Temarian of Curated. This is an event you don’t want to miss.

The Frankfurt auto show is what we have come to appreciate as one of the world’s largest automotive car shows… Even though it’s not really called the Frankfurt Auto Show and its now hosted in Munich. The Frankfurt Auto Show started back in 1897 with eight cars in Berlin, and it has come a very long way since then to attendance peaking at over a million visitors during the pre-Covid period. For 2021 there have been some changes to the show, which is now called the IAA Mobility, and has been transformed into a green mobility carbon neutral approach to which car manufacturers present their latest advancements in the sector. As it was hosted in Munich, BMW was the biggest presenter of the show with a hydrogen powered X5 followed by VW presenting the new ID5.

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